Safety Equipments

Ear protections. Fresh Air systems. Respirtory protections. Dust, grinding & welding Goggles. Leather mask. Welding Helmets & Welding Hand Shields.

 Warning tapes

Detectable warning tapes with aluminium strip in the middle for easy detections, all widths available (2",3",4",6" ...etc) (SANGNAM TARPS CO. LTD. - Korea)


240 Series SafeAir ® Carbon Monoxide Alarm

 FingerPrint Reader

Bioscrypt V-Smart Fingerprint Reader
Bioscrypt V-Prox Fingerprint Reader w/ Integrated Prox Reader
Bioscrypt V-Flex Fingerprint Reader w/ Wiegand Input/Output
Bioscrypt V-Pass Fingerprint Reader w/ 200 Print Search
Bioscrypt V-Station Advanced Fingerprint Technology

 Environmental  Enclosures

CCTVProduct CCTV-7153 Indoor/ Outdoor Housing w/ Mount
Pelco DF5 Series Pendant Mount Fixed Dome
Pelco Esprit Integrated Positioning System Camera Housing
Pelco EH3508 Series Outdoor Enclosure
Pelco EH3512/EH3515 Series Outdoor Enclosure
Pelco EH4700 Series Enclosure
Pelco EH4700DB Series Enclosure (Drop Bottom)
Pelco EH5700 Series Enclosure
Sensormatic AD1314 Camera Housing
Sensormatic AD1315 & AD1317 Series Housing
Sensormatic AD1335 & AD1337 Series Housing
Sensormatic AD1348-14 Camera Housing
Ultrak KC901 Day/Night Nitrogen Pressurized System Cameras
Ultrak KC921 Nitrogen Pressurized System Cameras w/Fiber
Ultrak UL-NCH10-01 10" ABS Housing w/Sun Shield & Bracket
Ultrak KHTM1200 Series 12" Flip Top Environmental Housing
Ultrak 12" Weatherproof Extruded Aluminum Housing
Ultrak UL-BPHKIT Bullet-resistant 3mm Armored Plate Housing

 Dome Enclosures

NAV CCTV 5" Flush Mount Dome Housings
NAV CCTV 5" Flush Mount Dome Housing, Flat Window
Pelco DF5 Series In-Ceiling Fixed Dome
Pelco DF5 Series Pendant Mount Fixed Dome
Pelco DF8 Series In-Ceiling Fixed Dome
Pelco DF8 Series Pendant Mount Fixed Dome
Videolarm 12" Fixed Dome
Videolarm 16" Fixed Dome
Sensormatic Optima Fixed Drone Housing
Pelco DF8A-P 2(^)X2(^) Ceiling Panel for DF8A Series

 Indoor Housings

CCTVProduct CCTV-7153 Indoor/ Outdoor Housing w/ Mount
Pelco ICS100 Series Surface Mount Dome Housing
Pelco ICS150 Series Surface Mount Dome Housing
Pelco DF5 Series In-Ceiling Fixed Dome
Pelco DF5 Series Pendant Mount Fixed Dome
Pelco DF8 Series In-Ceiling Fixed Dome
Pelco DF8 Series Pendant Mount Fixed Dome
Pelco EH100 Series Indoor Enclosure
Pelco EH3000 Series Indoor Enclosures
Pelco EH4000 Series Indoor Enclosure
Pelco EH1000 Indoor In-Ceiling Mount Enclosure
Pelco EH2100 Series Indoor In-Ceiling Mount Enclosure
Pelco EH2020 Indoor In-Ceiling Mount Enclosure
Pelco EH2200 Indoor Corner Mount Enclosure
Pelco EH2400 Indoor Corner Mount Enclosure, Security Rated
Sensormatic AD1301 & AD1303 Wedge Housings
Sensormatic AD1305 Corner Mount Housing

 Enclosure Mounts

Pelco CM1300 Feedthrough Wall Mount
Pelco CM1450 Die Cast Aluminum Wall Mount
Pelco CM4400/EM4400 Series Ceiling/Wall Mount
Pelco EM1450 Wall Mount for EH3500 Series Enclosure
Pelco EM1400/EM2400 Enclosure Wall Mount
Pelco EM3000 Enclosure Ceiling Mount
Pelco EM22/MM22 Medium Duty Enclosure Wall Mount
Pelco EM1000U Series Medium Duty Enclosure Mount
Pelco EM1109/EM2000/EM2200 Enclosure Pipe/Pole Mount
Pelco SWM Series Compact Wall Mount for Spectra & DF5
Pelco IWM Series Wall Mount for Spectra/DF5/DF8 Series
Pelco PP350/PP450/PP351/PP451 Parapet Mounts
Pelco MRCA/MRWA Wall/Ceiling Mount for Indoor

 CCTV/ Security  Camera Mounts

Panavise 817 Series Flex Mount
Panavise 826 Series Deluxe Mounts
Panavise 827 Series Deluxe Mounts
Panavise 845-246 Micro Deluxe Mount
Panavise 846-06 Mirco Mount
Panavise 882 Series Dual Option Mounts
Panavise 883 Series Dual Option Mount
Panavise 896 Electrical/J-Box Mount
Panavise 897 Electrical/ J-Box Mounts
MG CMB-01 Universal Wall / Ceiling Mount w/T-Bar Adapter
EMI Flexible Covert Camera Mount CCUFM-C
EMI Flexible Covert Camera Mount CCUFM-C
Pelco CM1750 Series Universal Wall, Ceiling, Pedestal Mount
Pelco BS1750/TB1750 T-Rail False/Drop Ceiling Mounts
Ultrak MC1600 Series 5 3/4" Wall Camera Mounting Bracket
Ultrak MCWS07 Series 7" Wall Mount

 CCTV Cameras

Black & White (Monochrome) Cameras
Color Cameras
Day - Color / Night - B&W Cameras
Camera Packs & Specialty Cameras
Network Cameras
Wireless Cameras
Simulated "Dummy" Cameras
Covert/ Discreet Cameras
B&W Board Cameras
Color Board Cameras

 CCTV Lenses

Monofocal CCTV Lenses
Varifocal CCTV Lenses
Pinhole CCTV Lenses
Manual Zoom Lenses
Motorized Zoom Lenses
Lens Accessories

 Monitors and  Monitor Mounts

Black & White Monitors 9" - 14"
Black & White Monitors 15" +
Color Monitors, 9" - 14"
Color Monitors 15" +
Flat Panel Monitors, 12" -17"
Flat Panel Monitors, 18" +
Professional Production Monitors
LCD Field Monitors
Video Doorphone Intercoms
VMP Commercial Video Mount Products
VMP Video Mount Products Accessories

 Video Recorders  (VHS & DVR)

Standard 8hr VCRS
Real Time / Time Lapse VCRS
Single Channel Digital Recorders
4 Channel Digital Recorders
8-9 Channel Digital Recorders
16 Channel Digital Recorders
Expandable Digital Video Recorders
Digital Tape Recorders
Digital Voice Recorders
Event Recorders

 Twisted pair Video  Transmission

UTP Passive Transceivers
UTP Active Transceivers
UTP Active & Passive Hubs

 Fire Fighting  Equipments

CO2 system, fire alarm and detection system, mobile fire extinguisher, FF water ring main, water pumps, hydrants, spray deluge system, sprinkler system, foam system

 Miscellaneous  Security  products

Digital Voice Recorders
Rear Vision Systems For RV(^)s, Trucks, Buses, Etc.
Video Over Twisted Pair
Video Printers
Audio Surveillance
Time/Date/Title Generators
Infared Illuminators
Fiber Optic Transmission
Blank Video Tapes
Equipment Racks/Lock Boxes

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